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Traditional Blog Designs

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Custom Art Blog Designs 

 A Mixed Media Background & Header Design 
can combine together to create one of a kind works of collage art. The blending of these 2 can
 camouflage the actual working parts until the reader  Small pieces of individually designed collage artwork can become gadget buttons for your side bar, or the sidebar can be done away with completely in some cases by creating static pages for these aspects of your blog. Static pages can have a coordinating but different background &
 links to other elements of you blogs can run like advertisements at the end of a post. Each blog that is created in this individualized fashion can be a direct reflection of your own personal essence, the essence of the business you blissfully pursue, 
or both.

JuJu utilizes mixed media art for a background & header that lay together so that at first glance it would appear that it is just a header that extends to the width of the page, but images at the side stay with you while you explore her blog & only the center piece rises up & off the page. All gadgets, buttons & sidebar elements are original designs & JuJu uses only the sidebar to inform the reader & assists in helping the reader navigate. This blog also has a specialized play list that automatically begins the minute the reader enters the site. All the songs are hand picked by JuJu & the play list is embedded in the blog. This blogger is also fond of the art of animated gifs & several were created for the design of her blog. Readers will be enchanted by these brief silent films that loop continuously during their visit.

   The "Confessions of a Junque Junkie" blog has a completely different feel. This blog still uses the same types mixed media collage design elements, but they don't appear that way due to the personality of the individual blogger. This blog also creates a constant visual across the full width of the page. It appears as a single seamless piece of collage art when the reader first views the page, but then the art is altered as the reader pages down to the posts. CJJ chose to use both the sidebar for gadgets & links, as well as 2 static pages created for the "About Me" and the "Blog List" elements, and these links are found below the posts in an advertisement format. This blogger also has original collage artwork for links, gadgets & buttons. Even the Facebook Link & Pinterest Link was created specifically for this blog. While there is no play list or animations on this blog, there is no shortage of whimsy in this design & it's elements.

Link to Chasing Claire de Lune Blog

The Chasing Claire de Lune blog has a collage art spanning the top of the page, but has more of jig saw type header that becomes apparent when the reader pages down. The blog name is written into a tarot card connected to a sunbather whose outstretched hand holds the brim of a large top hat being worn by the woman to the right of her, and as the page moves downward the tarot card moves up off the page, along with the sunbather lifting the top hat up off the other woman's head. Being that this is my own blog, there are animated gifs, NO sidebar. You can navigate to all other elements by links at the bottom of the posts, directing the reader to individual static pages. Other elements that are traditionally found in a blog sidebar is found at the bottom of the blog. This is an excellent way to blog if you need more of a portfolio feel, to show your artwork, photography etc, because it keeps distractions to a minimum through the body of the blog. I also have an embedded play list. It's been created with music from the 1920's selected by me.